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I liek never post anything interesting here so nobody reads this anymore but hello! I went to Otakon and made the most money I have made at a con yet thanks mainly to selling Touhou shirts so I will definitely be continuing that business! I shared my artist alley table with mandichan and it was fun times, she will be coming here in a couple weeks to have more fun times with me at the local waterpark doki doki waku waku

I just used like all the money I had left over and then some to finally get a new computer!!! It will be my first laptop and was an awesome deal, down from $1400 to $700 8-) It was a huge pain getting Paypal to pay for it for some reason but I finally got it done this morning, cost me a good $15 at least just from calling customer service orz... I was going to just build my own PC and probably could have build a nice quad-core desktop for the same price, but I could really use the convenience of a laptop so oh well! The laptop is an Intel core 2 duo with 4GB ram and a nice geforce video card so it should be able to handle what I need for a while. I'm gonna get into some high poly 3D stuff this quarter so it's good timing. P.S. I am so glad it is a "gaming laptop" but is not adorned with flames or anything, you can't fool me that does not make it go faster

Me and Mandi will be sharing a table again at NYAF! I am hoping there will be enough Touhou fans there to warrant designing and printing another set of shirts for it! I would like to have an Idolm@ster print available by then but it's pretty low priority since I know nobody will buy it lol... but I still want to rep my idol gurlz

My back hurts! It started hurting after work Saturday for pretty much no reason and still hurts! It is getting better but this is bothering me because I didn't do any particularly heavy work... A couple of days ago I compressed an ulnar nerve (apparently) carrying a gallon of milk home in a plastic bag, and my ring and pinky fingers were numb for at least 2-3 hours, it was really weird. I feel like I am falling apart! Gotta get in shape and live healthier...
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