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Artists! How the heck do you come up with original concepts? I am asking for your personal ways of utilizing your influences or whatever I dunno... I have the terrible fanart disease where all I can do is MAYBE design a visually appealing character, but when it comes to the reason for that character to exist, or trying to create a world for it to exist in, my mind is frustratingly blank. I do not know where to start when trying to think of a concept for something... When I try to create, all that comes out is something terribly plain. If a teacher asks "who is this character" I barely have an answer for them. It seems like I just have this halfway-decent skill at drawing but no ideas to complement it...

The reason I ask is one of my class projects is to design a character and vehicle and environment that go together. I sat at my desk last night for hours and just got absolutely nothing. I'm coming really close to just using another artist's ideas instead of coming up with my own, as much as I would feel like a hack for doing so. I really don't feel like I have any ideas floating around in my head and waiting to be released or anything like that, though. I dunno if I try too hard or if I'm afraid of creating ideas because they'll be generic or lame or what.

A little tidbit that's icing on the cake: Last quarter I never completed the final for my Storyboard class because she suggested I change it from a series into a short film. Essentially this meant I needed not only a premise but a plot as well. It's half because of this that I never finished (also because I still had to make up my midterm and just didn't have enough time in the world to pass the class). I just couldn't think of anything! All I had was one character design to go with, and I just couldn't budge from it. What's worst about this is all our finals were being sent to an animation film festival in Baton Rouge for a contest, and quite a few of the students in my class got in. Most of them aren't that great, so I probably would have gotten in as well if I had been able to finish it.

anyways gimme advice friends like tell all your friends I need help too I'm dying here lol
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