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mandichan asked me what the deal is with Nico users commenting "YELLOW MONKEY YAYOI!" a lot suddenly, and later linked me to this video. After watching it about 10 times, I noticed that approximately 45 seconds into the video, the audio vaguely resembles the aforementioned line if you listen hard enough.

But it couldn't be that simple, so I thought. This might just be the overlaying distraction to the real reason. I zoomed in and started investigating closely. That's when I noticed the score...

I wondered if this could mean anything. It seems like a meaningless first. But then I picked up my cell phone and noticed -- 2580 goes in a straight line down the number pad! Coincidence? I pondered about what this could mean... Then I had an idea. I took the numbers of the score, 2 5 8 0, and counted down the corresponding letters on my cell phone. For instance, 2 is b, 5 is k. BKU (0 is nothing). I googled this acronym, and what do you know? I come across, a supplier of ethically produced laboratory animal models. I almost have the "monkey" of "YELLOW MONKEY YAYOI!" solved. But what significance does YELLOW have...?
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